Ways To Raise Funds For Schools?

October 9, 2018 0 By Isabella McKean

School fundraising is important to fund expenses of field trips, new books, basic education needs and extras. The duty of funding these extras usually fall on the parents or teachers. There are many creative ways to raise funds and students enjoy helping the school.

Bake Sale

The common fundraising method is holding bake sales in school. Students and parents must be encouraged to bring different types of food and bakes to sell on a particular day and to make profits.

Raffle Draws

This is a cheap way to earn a lot of money. Many tickets can be sold for a small price and the chance to win an award. This is fun for the kids because if they are lucky they can win amazing gifts at a small expense.

Movie and Popcorn

Movie day is another inexpensive way to earn money. A popular movie can be played on large screens. Tickets for the movie should be priced at a small rate. A popcorn machine can be rented for the movie day. Selling popcorns is profitable because bit is an essential when watching movies.


The school ground or a public park is the best location for fundraising carnival. Fun activities can draw in other people from the neighbourhood and a large crowd means the school earns a large profit. Family rides Geelong in the carnival will encourage many families to be a part of the fundraising event.

Craft Sale

Students in all age groups can make different crafts to sell and make a profit. If the cause of raising funds is publicised more people will attend the sale.


If the school doesn’t have the necessary budget to hold events and carnivals the school can collaborate with other organisers to create funds. Amusement organisations can provide school fete ideas and make large profits.

Car Wash

High school students can themselves carry out this type of fundraiser. The school parking lot can be arranged with the necessary equipment like water hoses and sponges. Students can play some music and have a fun day with water. Car owners from the neighbourhood will pay for the cause.

Talent Show

Teachers can help prepare for the talent shows. Special guests can be invited as judges or a public poll can be taken to choose the winner. All students can take part in the show and display an array of talents. This not only raises funds for the school but also allows children to exercise their social skills and bring out their talents.